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Honeysuckle has recently been grown as a berry crop. But breeders have already managed to bring out many varieties of this plant, which differ significantly from each other both in taste characteristics and in the degree of resistance to adverse conditions. They need cross-pollination, so honeysuckle is best fruited when growing together with other varieties.
view’s. The plant begins to bear fruit early. Berries are rich in useful substances, including vitamin C. Shrubs begin to bear fruit in the third or fourth year after planting. They are rich in vitamins, macro-and microelements (magnesium, iron, copper, iodine), contain anthocyanins and ascorbic acid. Prefers a Sunny position. Does not need regular pruning. Best fruits on the lungs well
permeable, slightly acidic soil. Prefers Sunny places, in a dry time needs watering.

What we grow

Плодовые кустарники
Kamchatka Honeysuckle ``Atut``

a new variety with a high yield of 1.5 kg per Bush and good taste. Bush height of about 120-180cm. Fruit ripening period may 20-25. The fruit is dark blue, almost purple with a waxy coating, cylindrical in shape, up to 3 cm long and weighing up to 09-1 g, sweet and sour in taste. Shedding is low. Maturation friendly. Berries are used for fresh consumption, as well as for processing and freezing. Resistance to diseases is high. Frost resistance is very high. Withstands frosts up to-45° C. the growing conditions are not demanding. It bears better fruit on fertile soils when planted in the sun.

Плодовые кустарники
Kamchatka Honeysuckle ``Duet``

a relatively new Polish variety. Long-lasting and very frost-resistant plant. It Matures very early in the climatic conditions of Russia. Reaches 1.5 m. height. Light yellow, nectar-rich flowers appear in the first half of April. After a few years from one plant, you can collect 2 to 6 kg of berries. The fruit of the Duet variety is very tasty, large – up to 2 cm long, barrel-shaped, dark blue with a light purple bloom. It begins to bear fruit in mid-June.

Плодовые кустарники
Honeysuckle «Wojtek»

it belongs to early large-fruited varieties and has high taste qualities. According to reviews, the berries have a rich dessert taste. Voitek also has a high frost resistance-the bushes can easily tolerate a drop in temperature to -25°C, and in a snowy winter even lower — to -35...-40°C.

Плодовые кустарники
Kamchatka Honeysuckle Variety ``Dlinoplodna``

medium-early maturation bred in Poland. Bushes are rounded, erect, up to 1.6 m in height and 1.3 m in width. Berries of this variety have an oval shape, dark blue color with a weak waxy coating, up to 3 cm long. the flesh is delicious, juicy, sweet and sour. Maturation is characterized by a friendly

Плодовые кустарники
Honeysuckle ``Velikan``

the variety belongs to the varieties of early maturation, with very sweet fruits. This feature made it an excellent ``donor`` for obtaining new, hybrid varieties of culture, with a dessert taste of large fruits (bitterness in them is completely absent). A considerable advantage of the giant will be its high frost resistance, because the plant quietly tolerates winter temperature drops up to -40°C (flowers and ovaries retain their viability at a temperature of -8°C). Medium-spreading shrub, the height of the long-Fruited honeysuckle Bush reaches about 1 m. As you can guess from the name of the variety, the berries of the plant are long, cylindrical, each of them reaches up to 3 cm in length, and the fruits weigh about 2 g. They are covered with a thin bumpy skin of dark blue with a bluish waxy coating, the flesh of the berries is purple-red, juicy and pleasant to the taste, without bitterness. You can use berries both fresh and for conservation.

Плодовые кустарники
Honeysuckle Variety «Zelona»

Shrub: medium-sized, shoots: medium, light green, leaves: small, green, elongated-oval. Berries: medium size, weight of 1 fruit 0.8 g, blue, with a strong waxy coating, oval. The taste is sweet and sour. Maturation period: medium. Yield: 1.4 kg per Bush. Precipitation: weak, winter hardiness: high.

Плодовые кустарники
Honeysuckle Kamchatka «Aurora»

variety of canadian selection. Obtained on the basis of Russian Solovey and Japanese MT46. 55. The Aurora shrub grows up to 1.8 m. it is dense, compact, slightly spreading, and consists of erect shoots. The fruits reach removable ripeness in the last decade of June, their average weight is 1.8-2.2 g. With 1 Bush, you can get up to 5-6 kg. the Fruits have a sweet taste.

Плодовые кустарники
Honeysuckle Variety ``Honeybee'»

hybrid varieties ``Suvenir`` and ``Blue Pacific``. Pollinator variety for ``Borealis``, a Fast-growing shrub, 150 cm high, 120 cm wide.
The average weight of the fruit is 1.9 g, the shape is cylindrical, the taste is pleasant sweet and sour, dessert. The fruit is firmly attached to the stalk, ripe fruit remains on the Bush for a very long time-until it dries. The fruit ripens at the end of the year . Fruit collection is mechanical and manual, the fruit does not fall off (!). Average yield per Bush: 4 kg (up to 5 kg). Average yield per hectare: 13.2 t / ha (up to 16.5 t / ha). For a good harvest, it is desirable to plant several different varieties next to each other (to ensure cross-pollination). The following varieties are recommended as pollinators: ``Indigo Gem``, ``Tundra``, ``Aurora``, ``Borealis``.

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