Decorative Trees And Bushes

Magnolias and decorative bushes

One of the few and most interesting varieties of decorative trees and bushes in our nursery.

Magnolia Stellata, Star Magnolia

Flowers fragrant, pure white, like stars, wide open, up to 15 cm in diameter. Magnolia star blooms before all magnolias-usually in early April, before the leaves. Unique due to the beautiful and fragrant flowers, in pure white color, reaching a diameter of 10 cm. Flowers are very picturesque and fragrant. Wide open resemble a star, hence the name – Magnolia star

Substantia-Magnolia Liliflora Nigra

The darkest ruby-red fragrant flowers in the shape of a Cup. One of the most beautiful magnolias, in bright, dark colors. Flower buds are almost black, and the flowers are dark purple on the outside and very bright inside. The flowers are Cup-shaped, majestic, about 13 cm in length. They smell sweet. Blooms very profusely, later than other magnolias, most often in may. Purple Magnolia Nigra often repeats flowering in July.

Pine, Blossoms Winter Gold

Very spectacular, dwarf, dense form of pine of slow growth, reaching after 10 years about 0.5 m in height at 1 m in diameter. Differs Golden color of needles in winter. Needles in summer light green, Golden yellow in winter, collected in two.

Wisteria Purple Rain

Wisteria Purple rain is one of the most beautiful vines that during flowering is unmatched. Shoots have strong, tortuous right or left, reaching up to 10 m. in height. Requires very strong supports. The leaves are odd-numbered with year-round leaves. Flowers develop on last year’s lateral shoots and have the form of large circles with blue, white, light purple flowers. Offered plant is grafted, it blooms at once!!!

Common Beech ‘ Purpurea Pendula

A slow-growing, small tree, with a hanging, umbrella crown. Grows up to several meters tall and wide, leaves dark red, bleached to red-brown in autumn. Sunny side. Soil prefers fertile and fresh, with a constant level of groundwater. An ideal tree for small gardens, with a strong color accent in a picturesque location.

Acer Palmatum

It belongs to the most beautiful and desirable plants in the world. Its beauty is impossible to resist. Palm maple tree has very ornamental foliage, the host fan-like. The leaves reach a length of 10 cm, dark green and shiny above, and lighter, glabrous below. In autumn they are very beautiful, bright colors-shades of yellow and red.

Dogwood (Cornus Kousa), Milky Way

Dogwood (Cornus kousa) Milky Way is a magnificent bush that will be a rarity in our garden. Grows up to 3-4 m in height and width. The leaves are green, in autumn they change color to burgundy and purple. Blooms very abundantly in May and June. The flowers are huge with a diameter of about 5 cm with large tetrahedral. The fruits are edible, globular, red, very decorative. Their shape they resemble the fruits of raspberries and strawberries. Offered plant is grafted, it blooms at once!!!

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